Infinite AR - Episode 82908

"M-mommy" jim asked softly, Sharon turns around. "C- can... you pour the rest into my diapey... when it's a nice warm..." He put the pacifier back in his mouth. Sharon smiled and came back "of course I can baby boy." She sat him on her lap and rubbed his thick goopy butt "someone likes the punishment now that it's not scolding hot anymore hmmm" he nodded and squirmed a bit. The original goo had gotten really sticky. Jim squishing in it did not help the situation. "I am so glad this won't go to waste. Stand up baby boy and squat for mommy. She wants you to act like your making a big messy" she unsealed the spell on the back again as jim stood up. He squatted obidiently and mommy smiled. The now pleasantly warm goo started pouring into his diaper. He grunted and pushed as if he was pooping. Mommy was very happy with this. It took a bit longer to pour in since it cooled down. Mommy went to seal it again and saw something. From all the fake pushing, jim ended up actually starting to make a stinky mess. It caused him to blush deeply. Mommy patted Jim's butt and sealed it again. She took the final bucket and unsealed the front again. Pouring it in. Jim fell onto his butt and shuddered. Mewling softly at the feeling

  1. Jim cums in his diaper
  2. Jim falls asleep
  3. Mommy breastfeed him
  4. He agrees to go out to the mall with mommy in only his diaper
  5. He agrees to wear a onesie

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Diapey boy~~~(kik me at amnesiawashere to rp)

8/7/2018 8:54:14 PM

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