Diaper prison

Infinite AR - Episode 82880

Sharon put a hose down the front of jims diaper and made it so it can’t be tugged out. She connected the hose to a large tub of oatmeal mixed with slime. She turns it on and watches him. Jim felt a large wave of warm and disgusting feeling oatmeal slime pour into his diaper. He shuddered and whimpered as it covered his man hood and started filling his diaper up. He hated the feeling, and as it filled his diaper got tighter, and the urge to use the diaper himself got worse. Deciding it wasn’t just enough to fill the diaper Sharon put him in the giant tub of oatmeal and slime as it was going into his diaper. Now his body was covered in it. Jim started to cry to himself. The diaper was soaking up the oatmeal slime inside and out, his diaper practically mush that was tightly pressed against him. There was too much though, so it looked like there was a ballon about to pop between his legs front and back. To top it off, when the diaper was completely full of everything jims legs were spread far apart, and he started to shit himself

  1. Jim will never escape his disgusting prison
  2. Continued

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