Infinite AR - Episode 82872

Jim sat in his mess, before slowly standing up. It sagged down to his knees. He looked at mommy before giddily bouncing to make his panties bounce. "Mommy I make big messy" he happilly exclaimed. He giggled and then sat back down. It squished and slowly spilled out around him "big poopies make mommy happy~" he sang. Mommy was indeed happy. Why? Because, jim had just shat out the biggest shit she had ever seen. She was pretty sure that in that mass Jim's intelligence went with it. Jim ran to his mommy and sat on her lap. "Mommy I make you big messy" he bounced in her lap and drooled. He was still extremely aroused. The bulge in the front defiantly not poop. Mommy palmed him. Jim drooled and cooed in her ear. Mommy rubbed him through it and suddenly he came. "Make cummies for mommy" he said. Mommy picked him up and took him to the living room. She went onto the closet and searched for Jim's old pull ups. Jim suckles on his thumb and rocked back and forth in his mess. Mommy came back with a pull up and jim squeaked happily. Mommy didn't bother with the panties and just slipped the pull up on him over the messy panties. Jim smiled in a weird way and drooled. He already wet himself. Mommy decided to put another 3 pull ups on him. Jim drooled more in bliss and sucked on his thumb. All Jim knew now was he had liked milk, he makes big messes for mommy, makes cummies for mommy, and pee pee makes him warm. "Look at my baby boy. Nice and stinky just the way mommy likes you" jim giggled and reached for mommy "Mommy I wans milk" mommy smiled and went to the kitchen holding jim to make more spiked milk. Jim had started humping her softly once she half him to her thigh. She smiled and let him do so. "My my, but baby does love his mommy" "luv mommy~" Jim exclaimed. Mommy gave him the milk and he started to guzzle it down through the nub. Mommy brought him upstairs to her room where she kept all Jim's old baby stuff. She set him on the bed. She found the gun laying on the floor. She shot jims old bouncer and it grew in size. She put him in it and found it was a bit tight, but didn't bother as jim seemed to love his poopy be squished. Jim finished the bottle and burped. "Luv stinkies~" he babbled. He was humping into the bouncer. He bounced around as mommy started making jims old stuff bigger. Jim's face turned red right around when mommy was done. She took him out the bouncer and set him on her lap. Jim grunted and pushed out more giant masses, along with them, everything he knew. Mommy pat his pull ups and exposed her breasts. Jim started to suck on them mindlessly. This was jims life.

  1. Then Jim woke up

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