Infinite AR - Episode 82862

Jim suddenly feels weird, and he gulps. He turned back to normal and was now in Sharon's diaper. It was soggy and dirty in here. Sharon stood up, not noticing him in her diaper, the reason why is because she got on the floor and grunted. Jim panicked and squirmed but his body was now covered in shit. Sharon sat down right over jims face when she was done. She rubbed her soiled diaper "I'M such a big baby. I hope jimmy w ont mind I used the diaper on the floor... oh this feels good. I better leave..." Sharon got up and waddles to her car. Thankfully nobody saw her. Jim squirmed and looked up. "Mmph" jim was sat on again and Sharon drove home. Sharon stuck a hand down into her diaper halfway home and started to masturbate. Jim couldnt see. Sharon bounced and crushed jims head. Jim passed out. When sharonbgot home she rolled up her dirty diaper and threw it away.

  1. Jim died

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8/10/2018 1:30:56 PM

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