Poop wedgie

Infinite AR - Episode 82775

“No” he said, not wanting to be humiliated any further. Mommy had other plans though and picked him up by the back of his new panties. Jim yelped and mommy stretched the poopy pantys up, the poop tight against his penis and the panties digging into his bubble butt. She bounced him a few times and he started to both moan and cry. “ I’ll only stop if you make a stinky baby boy” mommy said, bouncing him again. Jim grunted softly trying to poop. Mommy rubbed his belly. Jim grunted again and started letting out swampy muck. Mommy stoped wedgie him and he squatted, the steaming muck filling his panties completely. It actually was steaming, and he is pretty sure he heard a gurgle or two come from it. Mommy picked him up by the panties again laughing, the muck feeling warm and goopy. Jim moaned, and then mommy put the panties over his head and made him sit. He definitely had an erection. He definitely smelled. He definitely had muck in his hair. He definitely enjoys this

  1. Jim wakes up

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