Infinite AR - Episode 82774

Jim grunted and pushed for over ten minutes before mommy told him to stop. He just didn't have anymore newsies for mommy. "Don't hurt yourself baby. Mommy has a solution" mommy did in fact have a solution. She heated up some milk and put it in an old baby bottle. She then spiked the milk with an entire box of laxatives. Mommy forced the bottle into jims mouth. Jim happily drank from it though, suckling away as if it was the most important thing he could do. "That's a good baby. Drink up baby, this will make sure you make mommy a big messy." She rubbed Jim's butt and squished the poop up a bit. Jim finishes the bottle in 4 minutes, burping quietly. This made mommy very happy. Jim's tummy made a loud noise after 20 minutes. Mommy started to record on her phone again. Jim wiggled his butt and farted loudly. Suddenly, his butt exploded and warm ozzing shit filled his panties quickly. It started to tighten up and bubble out into a very lumpy but still round circle around his ass. He seemingly stopped right before it spilt out " mommy my tummy feels..." his butt trembled and grumbled. "Weird..." He grunted again in pain. "Mommy I gotta" he suddenly moaned in relief. The shit spilled from the sides of his panties to make room for the incoming monster. Turns out he was actually clogged up. A big, slimey, slushy, bowling ball size turd escaped his ass, effectively causing his panties to hit the ground heavily and spill more.

  1. Jim asks to get changed
  2. Jim plays in his mess
  3. Jim mentally regressed further
  4. Jim humps his giant turd
  5. Jim asks for more spiked milk

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8/6/2018 10:59:00 PM

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