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Infinite AR - Episode 8264

A 29 year old man stepped out of the bathroom, naked as he looked to Sandra and smiled seductively. A bulge was developing in his jeans as he leaned against the doorway as Sandra waved. "Have a good trip Sandra?" The man said with a smirk. Sandra smirked and pulled back the covers to reveal a pair of strawberry patterned panties as she nodded, feeling the twins she would be having in several months regress still as she patted the crotch of her panties, even pulling them down to tease the man with a peek of her well maintained pubic hair. "Well Jared....I was going to actually let you experience something new. Would you like that?" Sandra blew a kiss as the twins now reentered their first month and still regressed as Jared came over. Jared dropped his trousers and underwear to reveal a thick magnificent seven inch erect cock as he climbed onto the bed and spread Sandra's legs, eyeing the panties with lust as he began to pull them down. Inside of Sandra, Jum and Sharon were now reduced to mere sperm and the egg that made them, the sperm seemingly disappearing from Sandra's womb and reappearing in Jareds balls, ready to start life anew as his cock dribbled pre.

  1. Jim and Sharons sperm is shot from Jareds erect cock onto the Sandra's panties.
  2. Jim and Sharons sperm regress, causing Jared to regress next.
  3. Jared is unbirthed along with Jim and Sharon.

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