Sandra gets a womb for two

Infinite AR - Episode 8241

Sharon was sitting back in her seat feeling a little warm. "Where is Jim and why is he taking so long?" thought Sharon squirming in her seat. "And why is it warm in here, am I getting a fever?"

Meanwhile, Sandra was back to work helping out passengers. "Mommy has to work now baby", thought Sandra as she placed her hand on her flat belly.

Sharon was now starting to worry, her clothes felt like they were getting loose and her bra was rubbing against her breasts. "What's going on with me" whispered Sharon with panic in her voice. She did not want to alert of the other passengers of her plight and draw attention to herself.

Sandra made her way down the asle asking if anyone needed anything. When she came to where Jim used to be sitting, she saw a young girl around 13 ,wearing loose clothing, and squirming in her seat. She had a panic looked to her face. Sandra knew it this was Sharon.

"Are you all right, what's wrong?", asked Sandra in a tone that most adults use when talking to children.

"Something's happening to me, I feel hot and my clothes feel bigger.", said Sharon in a higher pitched voice. "What's wrong with my voice?", Sharon squeaked and brought her hands to her mouth.

"It's alright come with me and I'll help", said Sandra sweetly.

Trusting in the stewardess, Sharon held out her hand and was guided down the isle. Sharon had to hold onto her pants to keep them from falling down. By the time Sandra brought Sharon to the bathroom, she had regressed into a 7 year old. Her childhood emotions took over and Sharon started crying. Gone were her breasts and her baby teeth were returning from the gaps where her adult teeth got adsorbed back up.

"What's wrong with me? I'm shrinking", whinned Sharon between sniffs of tears.

Sandra sat down on the toilet seat and picked up Sharon and sat her on her lap, causing Sharon's pants, shoes, and panties to fall to the floor. "Shush, it's going to be okay, I'll take care of you.", smiled Sandra wipeing Sharon's face of her tears.

"I'm scared", whimmpered Sharon, now 5 years old.

"I know, I know but it's going to be okay, you don't seem to need these anymore", said Sandra as she removed the overly large shirt,lacey bra, and loose socks, leaving Sharon naked.

Sandra opened her blouse and unbuttoned her bra to expose her breasts. She then guided Sharon head to her chest and rocked her. The rocking seemed to calm young Sharon down, who now only sniffed every so often. After a few minutes, Sandra felt a nibble on her breast. When she looked down she saw a 1 year old Sharon sucking on her nipple, filling her tiny tummy with mommy's milk.

"I guess her infantile instincts took over"

Sandra knew what was coming and while still holding onto the infant Sharon, she unzipped her skirt and pulled down her panties. "I guess Jimmy is getting a sister", Sandra thought as she sat down on the floor as best she could.

Tiny Sharon continued to shrink as she nursed from Sandra's breast. Soon, Sandra was holding onto a newborn baby girl. Sandra pulled up her knees and laid the newborn infront of her. She watched as a fleshy cord grew from the baby's bellybutton. Sandra guided the cord to her birth canal and flet it move up passed her cervix and into her womb, where it connected to the wall of her uterus. When that happened, Sharon little whimpers stopped, because she no longer need to breathe. Her belly again filled with more fluids, getting ready for the new baby. Quickly, Sandra grabbed some more tape and covered her mouth. The cord pulled tight and drew tiny Sharon into her new home. When Sharon was pulled in up to her hips, the pains of a reverse labor kicked in. And with each contraction, a little more of Sharon passed Sandra's vaginal lips. Sandra braced herself against the wall of the bathroom as each contraction hit her. For Sandra it seemed to go on forever, but after about 5 minutes, Sharon's head moved passed the lips and into her womb in one last contraction. Sandra pulled the tape from her mouth just as a knock was on the door.

"Is everything okay in there Sandra?", asked a female voice.

Sandra took a couple of deep breaths, "I'm fine Diane, just some constipation", she knew the voice of her fellow stewardess.

"Oh okay, just checking. Do you need some exlax to help?", said Diane through the door.

"No I'm fine", replied Sandra pulling herself up from the floor.

Sandra sat back down on the toilet. She watched as her belly started to shrink and Sharon's movements lessened. Sharon continued to regress and undevelope until she was just two months along just like Jim, who was next to her in the womb. It was a good thing she was sitting on the toilet, because she had the sudden urge to release a huge load. Sandra was surprised how much turd came out of her. After releasing some urine and a huge turd, Sandra cleaned up and pulled up her panties.

"I guess the extra mass they lost had to go somewhere", pondered Sandra as she flushed the toilet, hoping it would not clog up.

She pulled up and zipped her skirt and rebuttoned her blouse. After washing her hands and redoing her makeup a second time, Sandra tossed Sharon's clothes into the trash with Jim's.

"I'm having twins", smiled Sandra putting a hand to her stomach.

Sandra walked out and joined Diane who was giving out drinks.

"Are you okay?", asked Diane.

"Just fine now, thanks", replied Sandra.

"Attention passengers we'll be landing shortly. Stewardess perpare for landing." ,came the anouncement over the intercome.

The fassen seatbelt sign lite up.

"Back to work", said Sandra putting stuff away and locking things down.

When they had everthing tied down, both Diane and Sandra strapped themselves in their seats. The airplane landed with no problems. Sandra and Diane greeted the passengers as they exited the plane. They made sure everything was in order and grabbed their baggage.

"It's nice that we get a week off before we fly back out", smiled Diane as they walked through the airport.

"I know, time to relax and unwind." smiled Sandra back.

"I'll meet you back at the hotel", waved Diane as she walked off in another direction.

"Sure" waved Sandra back.

Sandra fell onto the bed of her hotel room, exhausted. She pulled back her blouse and exposed her flat stomach.

"Well babies, mommy's tired and needs to take a nap", whispered Sandra to her bellybutton.

She pulled off her skirt and blouse and crawled under the covers.

  1. During her nap, Sandra regressed
  2. Sandra woke up with the urge to have sex, Jim and Sharon went back further
  3. Diane knocked on the door
  4. After her nap Sandra got dressed for dinner and looked for Diane
  5. SE

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