The party gets smaller and smaller

Infinite AR - Episode 8222

Katie was overjoyed at the results. The power she now had in her hands was overwheming and getting addicitve. She watched as her 16 year old former parents continued to kiss. Katie made an adjustment to the gun and went around the party another time.

This time Cyndi and Doug regressed as they kissed. Back through puberty they went. Cyndi's breasts flattened out and her hips narrowed. Her nose became more upturned and freckles appeared on her nose. Doug was going through some simular changes, all unnoticed by all. The other guests were also all regressing backwards through puberty. By the time they stopped regressing, children replaced all the teens at the party. A birthday cake appeared on the table along with balloons and toys from opened presents. It was now Cyndi's 10th birthday party. Children clothes appeared on all the smaller guests. The girls in the pool now wore single piece swim suits instead of the bikini's they wore earlier. Cyndi now wore a flowered summer dress while Doug wore a TMNT T-Shirt and jeans. A couple of the kids saw Cyndi and Doung kissing.

"Cyndi and Doug kissing in a tree K I S S I N G..", the kids chanted.

Cyndi broke from the kiss and blushed, it was her first kiss to a boy. Doug on the other hand whipped his mouth of girl cooties. He then quickly made his way over to some of the other boys. Cyndi giggled and skipped to some of the girls and they started talking. Katie watched as the children started to seperate into groups of girl's and boy's.

"This is so cute", thought Katie to herself. New memories flooded in as reality changed to fit the new ages of the guests. "My mom is now my niece, this is so cool."

Excited, Katie goes another lap around the yard zapping everyone. Katie watched as the number on the cake counted backwards. Going from 10 down to 5. This time, as the new memories flooded in, Katie got a surprise.

"Cyndi is now my daughter?", thought Katie as she now clearly remembers giving birth to her when she was 19. "Wow this is weird."

Just then, Cyndi came running up to Katie and tugged on her jeans. "Mommy can I blow out my candles now?", asked Cyndi, whose sundress now barely covered her bottom. Her hair was now in pig-tails with pink ribbons.

"Of course sweety", smiled Katie and picked up Cyndi and carried her to the table. "Everyone Cyndi is going to blow out the candles, if you want cake hurry up.", shouted Katie to get all the kindergarten aged children at the party.

All the kids surrounded the table with the cake. Katie sat Cyndi down on a booster seat. Katie stepped back and pulled out the gun once more, this time setting it -1. Since now all the kids were grouped together, she did not have to move to hit everyone. She fired just as Cyndi got a lung full of air. Kaite watched as all the kids shrank a tiny bit. The cake now had a big number 4 on it. Cyndi blew out the candles. Katie fired again. The children became 3 year old toddlers. Kaite saw that Cyndi now wore training pants under her dress, which was pulled up from her bending over to blow out the candles. When She fired again something strange happened. Suddenly surrounding the 2 year old toddlers at the table, were a bunch of young woman. As reality rewote itself, the new memories told Katie that they were the new mommies of the children. What really surprised her was that Amy was now standing next to tiny Doug. A new memory telling her that Amy got pregnant at age 16 from her boyfriend.

"Oh this is too much, my sister is now the mother of dad while I'm the mother of mom.", thought Katie with a smile.

Kaite fired once more. The toddlers grew even smaller becoming infants of 1 year or so. Clothes started to vanish as most of them now wore only diapers. Cyndi was now in a highchair playing with her cake.

"Oh my, mom was such a cute baby.", thought Katie looking down at her adorable new daughter..

Some of the mothers picked up their babies and cradled them in their arms. Katie caught Amy nursing Doug on her right breast.

Curious of what would happen, Katie set the gun to -17 months and fired. In a blink, all the babies dissapeared and all the woman around the table were now suddenly at different stages of pregnancy. Some of the woman did not look pregnant at all, that's because they had just gotten pregnant that morning. There was one woman who had vanished from the table, but there was some moaning coming inside of the house, she was having sex with her husband, and going to concieve twins girls who used to be married to a couple of boys inside two other woman. Katie meanwhile, rubbed her now 4 month belly. Kaite now wore a summer dress. She smiled at the new memories as they came in. She remembered having sex 4 months ago with her new husband, Jake, and finding out she was pregnant. Katie looked at Amy who now sported small swell to her navel area. A new memory told her that Amy found out she was pregnant last month and that she was 2 months along and that she was married to a guy named Gregory who she met at college. The party had turned into a baby shower for some of the woman who were close to 9 months.

Kaite felt Cyndi move in her womb, "Calm down mom, just rest in your new home." said Kate quietly to herself as she rubbed her belly.

"Hey Sis, can I use your restroom. This morning sickness is killing me", said Amy holding her stomach, feeling bile starting to rise up her throat.

"Sure, it's the first door on the left when you go up the stairs." replied Katie.

Amy hurried through the sliding glass doors and up the stairs. Amy bent over the porcelain bowel and heaved up her lunch.

  1. Katie plays with everyones pregnancy
  2. Katie holds off using the gun until after the party
  3. Katie's husband arrives with Gregory.
  4. Katie uses the gun on her pregnancy
  5. SE

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