Teenie boppers

Infinite AR - Episode 8151

Once inside the mall Kati broke away from Amy to walk around on her own. At the food court, she spotted 4 teenage girls, the typical princess type. While Kati in her 12-year-old form had never met them, Kati, in her new, 16-year-old self had gone through school with them. And, while she was popular, they were more so, and treated no one with even a bit of respect.
"Time to have some fun getting back at them," Kati thought.
She decided to use the gun to...

  1. Gradually make them all older
  2. Gradually make them all younger
  3. Gradually make them all fatter
  4. Warp them all differently
  5. SE

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2/10/2007 1:35:09 AM

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