A slightly smaller party

Infinite AR - Episode 8147

Kati decided to try out the gun some more. There were about 40 people out back, mostly her parents' age, in their late 40s. Kati thought she would liven the party up a bit by gradually making all of the adults younger and younger.

Kati started blasting away, with the gun set at about -5 years on as wide a stream as she could manage. After a couple of loops around the party, she stopped to survey her handiwork. The adults were now back in their early 30s. Grey hair, baldness, and paunches were gone. Necks, and breasts were less flabby. Arms, legs and stomachs were more muscle-toned.

Reality had shifted around them too. Those with jobs were "demoted back" several levels. Interestingly, at this point, conversations remained mostly the same. As the parents of teenagers none of thsoe relationships had changed, simply all had become parents at much younger ages. The exception became Kati's parents, Doug and Cynthia. They now only considered Amy their daughter. Kati, now at age 24 , was too close in age to the 32-year-olds, who now perceived her as a cousin.

Kati grinned as she went about continuing her work. A few more zaps at each group of people and the median age of the party became about 25 or less.

Things had drastically changed now. It was more like a college party. Talking got louder. Someone switched the radio to a rock station. Couples began dancing, holding hands, flirting. Outfits morphed much youngers, with tank tops, jeans and t-shirts becoming more common. Doug had his arms wrapped around the waist of his fiance, Cyndi.

"This is so cool!" Kati thought, as she decided to take another lap around the yard.

Once she finished zaping everyone again, things were really different. The party had become a sweet 16 pool party for young Cyndi, who was so excited to have her boyfriend, Doug there. She began to think about giving her virginity to him that night. The clothes on the other teens had changed, some were in street clothes of average high schoolers, others were in swim suits; they promptly jumped into the pool and began playing volleyball.

Cyndi grabbed Doug, tossed his Phillies cap into the pool, pushed her bangs out of the way, and began kissing Doug passionatly.

Kati decided to...

  1. Keep making everyone gradually younger
  2. Just make her parents younger
  3. Make the boys 10 years younger but the girls 5 years younger
  4. Find Amy and make her older
  5. SE

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