Explore your body...gun

Infinite AR - Episode 8130

"Yea sure, Amy, let's go" Kati smiled and slung her purse over her shoulder, hiding the gun inside of it. The walked out the door and hopped into Amy's old '91 Buick, which Jim had kept around because he 'liked it ever so much' Amy, however, had a completely different take "Ugh, I can't believe I have to drive around in this thing, it's SOOOO ugly! And who messed up my seat?" Kati smiled to herself as her sister adjusted the car to her new body, and soon they were off. On the way there Kati examined the gun in more detail and found out that changing the clothes, mind, and even reality, were all features of this wonder-tool, and that it didn't have to change all of them at once like she did to Amy. Kati slid the gun back into her purse as they arrived at the mall, and soon they were inside. Kati pulled out her new toy and began to look around.

  1. A mother and daughter
  2. Teen princesses
  3. Some skater-types
  4. An old couple
  5. Local B-list celeberty

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2/9/2007 12:55:37 PM

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