Kati zaps herself

Infinite AR - Episode 8129

Kati realized what the ray could do, and she also realized that the ray affected reality too. She wrote herself a note that said: "If you read this at age 24, the ray works, because you wrote this at age 18." She Added the time and date to the note, and quickly took a poloroid of herself holding it. She then pointed it at herself and activated it. She did not grow any taller, but she quickly put on about 9 pounds, topping out at 130, as her metabolism slowed slightly. Her breasts and hips gained their mature measurments, and her tan skin got lighter, as if in her new reality she didn't have time anymore to go tanning. Her long, blonde, waist-length hair shortened to near sholder-length, but styled itself into a mature, feathered, side-swept bangs look, and her clothes transformed into that of a very young working woman, as knowledge flooded her brain: she had been thinking of attending school to become an architect, and now the knowledge of attending college, presented itself. When she let go of the button, however, she couldn't tell if anything had happened. "The note!" she exclaimed. She ran over to look at it and was astonished at what she read. "18?" she asked aloud, not realizing she was really 12. "This thing must really work, because I haven't been 18 in 6 years...at least I think." Then she remembered Jim, who she had transformed into Amy. "Time for some fun, little sister ... or big sister? Wish I could know for sure!" Kati decided to...

  1. Make Amy younger
  2. Make Amy older, but stil younger than Kati
  3. Make Amy older than Kati, but not elderly
  4. Have fun with other options, like height and weight
  5. Use the ray on their parents and friends at the barbecue out back

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2/8/2007 2:07:10 PM

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