Infinite AR - Episode 8124

Katie watched as her 18 year old brother suddenly grew out of his teenage years and became a full grown adult with a rugged beard to complete the look of a 38 year old man. "Jimmy, is that you?" Katie asked. "Jimmy? Since when do you call your own dad that, for that matter, why are you calling me by my first name anyway?" The older Jim now questioned. "But you were just, I mean, I was just and then you and I used..." Katie was at a loss for words. "Well whenever you get your story straight, you know where to find me. Remember we're having our neighborhood barbecue today." Jim reminded her. Katie looked again at the device she had just used and realized that it had just made her older brother even older. "Mom and dad are almost back with supplies for the barbecue later today, maybe if I make myself older, they'll think I'm Jim's wife." Katie slightly stuck her tongue out at that notion but didn't have an alternative as her parents pulled up in the driveway and she wrote down on a piece of paper, a note to herself: 'Katie, or Kate, the device you have can change ages. You just used it on yourself.' The note read. Katie used the device this time on herself.

  1. Katie became 26
  2. Katie became 36
  3. Katie became 46
  4. Katie became older but lost the note in the process
  5. se

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