Twins! [Faternal]

Infinite AR - Episode 8122

Before Jim could react he was already changing, and like his sister his mind and attire was changing too. Memories were rushing into his mind as his raven colored hair began to lengthen. She was a Cheerleader, she had been cheering since middle school. Slowly she became more and more like the 16 year old girl the gun was programed to make her. Her hair gently landed on the top of her C-sized breasts, which now were getting some air as his black t-shirt became a pink tank-top. Sleepovers, boys, and Cosmo filled her head as her butt became rounder and began to press against the denim pleated skirt which went to her mid-thigh she was now wearing. Kati stared at her new sister in disbelief as she gained a final inch of hight as her shoes turned into a pair of strapy heels elevated her two inches into the air. "Ohmigosh Kati! Don't point that at me! I thought we could go shopping at the mall today, but if you're going to be a bitch about it I'll just go with my friends." Kati was left in complete disbelief and then smiled when she learned about the power in her hands. "Jim wait..." Jim cut her off. "What about gym? Or do you have a thing for a Jimmy? Well Amy is leaving..." With that Jim, now Amy, turned on his heel with grace and didn't make one step to the door before Kati decided then to...

  1. Regress her new sister
  2. Bring back her brother
  3. Zap herself
  4. Go with Amy

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