Jim tests the youth potion on himself

Infinite AR - Episode 8061

Jim figured that the best person to test the youth potion on was himself since he could think of possibly harming someone he cared about, plus Jim figured that no matter what age he became he would still become rich. Just to make sure someone was there to help him if he got too young he called his girlfriend Sharon to come over. He figured that by the time she came he would be fully transformed to a younger age. In case he got too young to talk he wrote Sharon a note to explain everything.

Hey Sharon its Jim can you come over real quick I want to show you something.

Sure, is there anything wrong? asked Sharon

No, I just would like for you to come over, Ill be in my lab when you get there the door will be unlocked.

Ok, see you when I get there.

As soon as Sharon hung up, Jim picked up the potion.

Gulp here goes nothing.

Jim then swallowed the green colored youth potion and realized it had a very funk taste to it. Jim continued to swallow it and thats when Jim felt weird. Jim knew the potion was taking effect but what kind? Jim felt stranger by the minute. As it turns out the effect the youth potion had on Jim was it made him..

  1. slowly get younger
  2. younger right away but not too young that he is nothing
  3. younger right away but he regressed into nothing
  4. die
  5. it had the reverse affect and Jim was getting older

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1/31/2007 10:35:39 AM

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