A frightened little girl

Infinite AR - Episode 8

While walking along the busy sidewalk on Cajole street a frightened little girl bumps into Jim's knee. She looks up with wide eyes of blue and gasps and turns, trembling and runs across the street and into the park. A couple thugs come running towards Jim and stop and look around.

''She's got to be around here somewhere, the little runt,'' one of them says in a gruff voice as he glances down at a small metal box in his hand. The green text from the device reflects off the chubby fellow's dark rimmed sunglasses. It seems to be some sort of text messaging device. ''The boss says we gotta find her before she figures out about the ring.''

The other fellow in a matching pin striped suit glances across the street and points. ''Hey, there she is! Let's get her!''

They go running after her.

  1. Follow the gangsters
  2. Continue walking to 417 Cajole Street
  3. Decide it's too dangerous and just go back home for now.
  4. Stop the gangsters from catching the girl
  5. Run to the nearest phone before it's too late
  6. <hr><br>Walks to the nearest phone
  7. Try to stop the gangsters, but fails

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