6 year old height but scronnier

Infinite AR - Episode 7970

As Sharon started to pick things out for him to wear she went grab him some children's underwear. When Jim went to put them on they still seemed a bit too baggy. Jim had them up when he suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to pee. He darted across the room for the exit to head into the bathroom. Jim darted and tripped over the kiddie underwear he was wearing. he quickly jumped back up and quickly moved another two feet to the toilet while peeing. Sharon noticed the slight distance where he missed, and then she said, "looks like the undies are a little big. The next smaller size I have are size 2 Pull-Ups." Jim didn't want to wear pull-ups, but he still decided to try them. He realized they were more comfortable than the kiddie undies and stuck with the pull-ups. The other clothes Sharon picked out was suitable for a six year old. The most fitting blue [Bugle Boy] pants, which seemed a little baggy, but they stayed up quite well, but probably would have slowly sagged at the waist if it wasn't for his pull-ups. His shirt was blue with Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. with lightning highlights around Pikachu. He still looked rather adult but once looking at his clothing and size he certainly was more scronny kid looking rather than adult.

  1. Sharon drags Jim to the store
  2. Ding Dong somebody at the door
  3. Jim isn't done shrinking
  4. Jimmy starts filling in his clothes better.

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Monkey Bones

11/23/2007 9:35:30 PM

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