little boy in a sailor suit

Infinite AR - Episode 796

Jim grabbed the little boy sailor costume, and paid for it. He took the costume back to his house. ON the tag to the costume he read on it, don't remove any items till they have all ben put on, and then he cut the tag off.

He noticed that there was a baby diaper with the costume, and after looking at it he decided to undress. He knew that the diaper probably wouldn't fit, but he decided to try it anyway. In fact, he knew that all of the costume probably wouldn't fit, but he was going to try it anyway. He laid it on the ground and then laid on it.

After laying on the diaper his but felt weird, but he couldn't figure out why. Then he pulled the diaper up, and found it odd when he found a tingly sensation down his groin, and his penis didn't get hard like it did when he wore adult diapers in the past. Next, he looked up at the ceiling while he taped up the diaper, and was shocked when it closed with no problems.

With the diaper now secured on him, he stood up, and wa horrified at what he saw. Everywhere that the diaper covered was now the age of a 2 year old, but everything else was normal, except where the body adjusted to go from normal to two years old.

Jim was about to take off the diaper, but when he touched the tapes of it, he saw a vision. All the women that were close to him were babying him, and humiliating his adult body, and there was nothing that he could do to resist it. He quickly removed the hand and the vision went away.

He looked at the rest of the outfit and saw that the shir and pants had to be attached at the waist so he picked up the shirt. He put on the shirt and everything from diaper up was now two year old in size, including his head. Next he put on the pants and the same thing happened. Now his whole body was two eyars old. Jim snapped the shorts and shirt together. Next he put the hat on.

  1. Jim learns that this body is better
  2. Jim uses the diaper
  3. Jim tries to find a way to change back
  4. Someone walks into the room
  5. Reality shifts...oops...Sharon is his mommy now.

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3/7/2007 4:45:19 PM

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