Cribs and Diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 79501

Jim's eyes immediately went to the bars to either side of him, telling him that he was currently lying in a crib. Suddenly worried, he looked down and saw that wrapped around his pudgy legs was a plain white disposable diaper. He was an eighteen-month-old baby boy, and he clearly in need of a change. He started to cry.

What alerts him to the fact that he has traveled back to the last century, and not that he just turned into a baby?

  1. His mom arrives to change his diaper, and he can tell from how young she looks.
  2. Baby Sharon is dropped off for their play date.
  3. After his diaper is changed, he is carried into the kitchen, and he sees the calendar date.
  4. He can tell from the look of his room -- Toy Story and The Lion King stuff was all around, making it seem more and more like he was a baby boy in the 1990s again.
  5. He is unable to figure this out, because his mind is beginning to grow to infantile.

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4/29/2018 9:09:12 AM

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