Mischevious Old Man

Infinite AR - Episode 794

Jim found an old set of clothing that looked very proper, and tried it on.The slacks were a bit large at first, and the dress shirt smelled a bit like his grandfather's Old Spice cologne. Suddenly, Jim felt strange, and acting quickly found a nearby rocking chair and sat down. A moment or two later, the feeling passed, and he got up slowly to make his way to the cashier to pay for his costume. It took him a bit to remember his way through the shop, though he finally found the counter and asked the owner,"How much their sonny?--hey, what's with the old voice, eh?" "Voice nothing old timer---you chose the old man costume--so that is what you are, an old man." "Well, if that don beat all--can I go git anuther un, eh?" "One costume for yourself per day, though you can buy some for others if you'd like." "Well, I did have a date tonight with my girlfriend, and she's down probly down at the gym gettin a werkout. Mebbe I'll jes get sumpin an slip it in her locker."

  1. Jim leaves an old lady costume for her
  2. Jim leaves her a Xena costume
  3. Jim gets a bunch of costumes for others
  4. Jim gets her a baby costume
  5. Jim gets her an opera diva costume

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12/26/2005 10:23:25 PM

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