The dust that shrinks you down

Infinite AR - Episode 7929

Just as the smell of the dust left Jim's nostrils, he started to feel something weird. HE went over to look in the mirror and saw that he was rapidly regressing in age. HE kept shrinking physically, but he kept his adult mind. Jim had to crawl out of his oversized clothing, and he looked again in the mirror, and saw that he was about the age of 1 and he was naked. "Dammit," Jim stated, "Why did that have to change me into a baby." HE tried to walk but he feel down on his ass because of his babified muscles. Just as he tried to get up again...

  1. The girls walk into the room
  2. He only thinks that he has physically regressed (Hallucinagenic chemical)
  3. Sharon walks in
  4. He has the urge to suck on his thumb
  5. He starts to regress mentally

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2/15/2007 12:38:35 AM

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