Lost bowel control

Infinite AR - Episode 7928

Jim started to feel the urge to urinate, but before he could do anything, he wet himself. He decided to take off his wet clothes and found some more underwear in a old drawer, but everytime he put a pair on he urinated himself. Jim then found a package of diapers in a corner. "No Way," Jim thought, "I am not putting on a diaper. But, csince there was nothing else he could find, Jim put on one of the disposable diapers. He finally did not urinate himself, but something else started to happen...

  1. Jim Started to Regress physically
  2. Jim started to suck on his thumb
  3. Jim lost his adult mind
  4. The girls of the house rushed in
  5. The Diaper would not come off

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1/31/2007 12:27:55 AM

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