The Cursed Attic

Infinite AR - Episode 7924

Just as the girls were closing in, Jim noticed a ladder that led to the attic. Jim jumped for the ladder, grabed it, and climbed into the attic. He pulled the ladder in so the girls could not reach the attic. Jim noticed many different and interesting objects within the attic. For some reason Jim needed to look at something, and there was a unusual box that contained numerous items. Jim picked up the box, opened it, and received a breath of a weird gas. Jim felt strange, something was happening to him. Jim was...

  1. Mentally regressing into babyhood
  2. Losing all bowel control
  3. Physically regressing into babyhood
  4. Losing all muscle movement
  5. Physical and Mentally Regressing into babyhood

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1/8/2007 10:53:17 AM

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