Time Travel for baby Jim and Sharon

Infinite AR - Episode 78632

Jim and Sharon were starting to freak out. People just dont turn into 3 month olds even if in a steam room. Soon they started to disapear. Not get younger even more but they were being sent back in time to 1994 when they were 3 month olds.

Soon both Jim and Sharon were in the parent's home in 1994. Jim being fed which was horror for him and Sharon having her diaper change. They both couldnt remember ever seeing their parents that young but it was 1994. They knew they wouldnt meet each other for quite some time. Till 23 year pass and he wakes up on the same day. There is nothing they can do.

  1. Jim's point of view
  2. Sharon's point of view
  3. 23 years later
  4. 23 years later (Jim makes sure he does that day different so he and Sharon wouldnt do that again)

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4/4/2018 11:38:31 AM

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