Reality has changed

Infinite AR - Episode 78615

Jim and Sharon decided to accept their changes. They figured who knows maybe starting life over from 3 might be a good idea. They kept their adult minds so school will be easier. But the only problem was how would they get home. They are naked 3 yr olds.



Both Sharon and Jim looked over to where the two familar voices were coming from. It was their moms. Reality mustve changed so they were always 3.

I keep my eyes off you for one minute to buy a gift certificate for mommy's friend and I find you stripped of your clothes said Jim's mom

Sharon you know better. You are 3, you shouldnt take off your clothes said her mom

The two picked them up and put them back in their clothes which were of course toddler sized. The two moms went their seperate ways. Back home both Jim and Sharon found their rooms like a toddler's. Toddler beds, toys, etc.


  1. continue story through Jim's point of view
  2. continue story through Sharon's point of view
  3. 20 years later
  4. continue story through Katie'e (Jim's sister) point of view

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