Mother Jane

Infinite AR - Episode 7670

Jim looked down. He was now a Jane. He had b cup boobs dribbling milk and a slender hourglass figure. As he watched he noticed his body was getting gradually more voluptuous. His now Her hips widening, rear plumping up as well as her thighs. Her long legs becoming more shapely while her body stayed firm. Her rounded face scrunched up an became more cute than sexy. Her long light brown hair lengthening through the ponytail down to her now large dew-drop shaped rear. Her breasts slowly pushing further and further out like watching a flower bloom in fast forward. Jane in her now voluptuous and petite body sucked on a few drops of milk out her now double d breasts and shrank three inches. Looking in the mirror she realized she dropped four years. Her body tighter and perkier. She looked at her newly formed e cups as her body stopped devoloping and got some ideas

  1. Jane regresses some former antagonists
  2. Jane goes home, pours a glass and regresses herself
  3. Jane goes to her girlfriends house to make some changes
  4. Jane continues to the mall
  5. Jane starts a regression business discovering her left breast ages

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7/3/2008 2:20:42 PM

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