Picked Up By a Large Lady

Infinite AR - Episode 7669

Jim suddenly finds himself being grabbed by a large pair of lady's hands, before he can react, or even catch a glimpse of her face, he finds his face being shoved against her lovely, massive, bossoms.

Despite the shock and humiliation of the situation, he can't help growing hard in his pants. Meanwhile, many questions run through the boys confused mind: who is this lady? Is she hot? What does she want with Jim? How should he be feeling about this whole situation?

The, as if in reply to his very thoughts, she reaches one hand around and grabs his butt with a firm, yet, motherly grip, which makes him even more erect in the front of this pants. After a moment, that same hand goes from clinching his bottom to rubbing it sensually, and as Jim lets out a muffled moan against her bossom, he finally hears her voice for the first time.

"Oh, Honey Buns...

  1. You'll Do Nicely..."
  2. We Are Going to Have So Much Fun Together!"
  3. I Hear You Have Been a Very Naughty Boy!!"

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