the mother

Infinite AR - Episode 7668

this is mothers power thought jim. show your self mother i dont have time for your games jim said. screamer a child need to play said mother from the crowd. im 19 so you cant call me a child said jim. found her jim thought to his self. jim only power was sound but he was good with it. jim rushed in to a corner to change in to screamer. stop messing with these people mother, are you tring to mentally regress them to stupit babys said jim. no there just decoys so i can have you. rememberwhen yo were my baby your were so cute. know come with me said mother. jim try to fit but along with hear mental powers she also can lift 5 tons meaning she has super strength. what happwn next.....

  1. she takes him back to her hide out
  2. she diapers her on the roof top
  3. she make him drink her breast so him bowel control will shut down
  4. more
  5. jim wakes up

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8/4/2012 7:03:36 AM

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