Infinite AR - Episode 7666

"What the heck are you wearing dude?!!" Jim whispered frantically to the nearest Person. "What, you don't know?" Jim Just gave the guy a confused expression imploring him to continue. "It's the new fad man." he says as he snaps the diapers waistband. These are Force-shorts. They are the safest pair of pants out there and they're only $2." He said grinning "That's bull!!" Jim replied with a soured expression. After a bit of argueing Jim agreed to fake attack the man for proof. Jim jumps at him and spins off like he just took a staggering blow to the jaw. He gets up and finally asks more about them. "well." the man replied. "They repel bullets and are rain proof. Nothing can touch you without your consent. Allowing you to get...intimate" The man finishes whispering and elbowing him in the ribs lightly with a smirk. Jim immediately forgot what he was doing and set out to buy a pair.

  1. Jim takes a pink pair to his girlfriend for her birthday gift
  2. Jim puts a pair on and immediately is turned into a toddler
  3. Jim finds out the diapers slowly regress you
  4. Jim finds out the diapers run on breast milk. Administered through his body
  5. Jim gets the wrong pair and turns into a girl

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7/3/2008 2:04:30 PM

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