Wrong way!

Infinite AR - Episode 76178

Chloe watched in horror as her reflection was showing what she didn't want to happen. She was getting taller and older. She was getting younger. The spell didn't restore her to her rightful age but to the age the moment the spell was original cast. She was becoming a newborn once again.

Nooooooooo shouted Chloe as she shrank into clothes.

Her parents rushed in as soon as they heard the cries of a baby.

What the? Wheres Lilly and where did this baby come from asked her father

Uh I think this is Lilly...look said her mother picking up the baby mancer book

She was telling us the truth this whole time?

Looks that way. We need to figure something out. Our little angel is a baby again and possibly the long lost princess.

In the end they...

  1. used the baby mancer book to regress her mind to of a baby so they could reraise her (again but this time no memories of being older and a princess)
  2. looked through the spell book to see if there was a way to restore her
  3. destroyed the spell book and reraise her (again)
  4. sought after the dragon to restore her in some way

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12/19/2017 1:38:12 PM

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