Try and restore her true age

Infinite AR - Episode 76168

Chloe knew with this, she'd could finally restore herself to her rightful age and regain her crown after all these years. Before she did anything, she opened the door to take one good look at her adopted parents. If she was right, she wouldn't be their little girl anymore.

Chloe sighed and opened the spell book. Sure enough she found the right spell. One that would restore the user back to normal.

She looked in the mirror like instructed and shouted Reverso!

A beam of light struck the mirror and back to her as she...

  1. returned to 20 years old (despite 10 years pass since she was that...she was restored to the age she was before regressing)
  2. 30 (the age she wouldve been if she hadnt been regressed)
  3. a newborn (it restored her to the moment the original spell was cast)
  4. didnt change. she was still 10. there mustve been a time limit

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12/19/2017 1:32:03 PM

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