Unborn Katie

Infinite AR - Episode 75871

As soon as the 10 minute came, Katie found herself as an unborn baby maybe 7-8 months along in her mom's stomach.

Shit...what about the game? thought Katie. What happens in 1 minute would she vanish...if not did she have her powers still? if not would she have to be reborn?


  1. Katie heard Noel's voice (her mom must be checking out the daycare) she as best as she can says found you
  2. 1 minute passes and she disapears
  3. she realizes she still has her powers
  4. the game ended since she wasnt born yet to start a game but her powers are gone (how can an unborn baby make a wish in a mall fountain)

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12/11/2017 1:31:03 PM

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