staying the older one-Kati

Infinite AR - Episode 74319

“Ready to swap back” Josh says, “it has been fun, but I think I want to go back”. Kati nods, “I think I will be for the best”. As the helmets come onto her head Kati couldn’t stop wondering about the week, and her relationship and friends. Once back into her oranganal age the reality had changed, she had never lost what can never be taken back, nor did anyone ever see 15 year old Kati, only a small five year old girl. Her thoughts were interrupted by a question, “do you miss him?”. Josh had known about her night with the man, yet she couldn’t fathom why he would ask this. A slight tear grew in her eye, without the emotional barriers of a teen she couldn’t help but to break down. “I do, he may not love me in my current state I still have feelings even now”, she started to sob. Josh brought her into a sweet embrace, a hug from one sibling to another. “You may see him and other like him” he said as the helmets started to swap age once again. Kati sob started to slow as she started to ask her own question, “you would give up all of your old friends and Sharon, for me?”. Josh just nodded as he continued the hug on his now older sister. Kati started to smile, her dream of staying like this had came true.

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