A week at 15

Infinite AR - Episode 74254

Kati had a fantastic week full of fun and exploration. Monday: it was about 10:45 when the swap happened and she felt wonderful. The first thing she did was head up stairs to look at her new body, she had a fun time touching her body in every place, perticulerly r her boobs and privets. She also found that her room had became fit for her age, with a larger bed, dresser full of new cloths, and a book shelf full of classics. She went out of the house around 1:15 after a small lunch, she went off to the park, at least that was the plan but she found that all she did was read the book in her purse. This was untill 5:00 when she went home for dinner. Jim and Kati talked about their days befor Jim went to bed, Kati continued to read her book when she got a call. It was Sharon and she wanted to hang out tomorrow. Tuseday: the morrning was normal, she just took a shower, ate her breakfast and headed out to the mall to see Sharon. Sharon was Jim's girlfriend but now she was Kati's best friend. The two shoped for a bit befor meating up with Jim's old freands, and talking with them for a while. Wednesday: this day Kati was eating her food when Jim asked to go to the beach so they did, Kati had a pink swimsuit on as she layed on the beach as Jim had his fun. She eventaly got sucked into a game of volleyball, turns out she isn't half bad Thursday: She had some work to do in the form of mowing the grass throughtout the naberhood. Turns out money was easily spent so she worked to get some back Fryday: everything was normal untill Sharon invited her to a party. That night she got a baby sitter to watch Jim while she was at the party. She was drinking, and she did the ultimate sin that night. Saturday: she came home from her night with a number in her pocket and a tried look on her face. After a nap she went to do some reading in the park. That night at dinner she told what happen last night, befor being cheared up by her brother. Sundad: after geting a night of sleep she went to her phone and called the number in her pocket and told the man that she wasn't going to be her after tomorrow and she thanked him for a wonderful night on fryday. She went to the park and finnish the book she was reading. Monday: last day, as agreed she went doen the steps to turn back to 5 years old, and for Jim to be older again. What happened? [Authers note: this was ment to just show you the magor events, I want you to think of what happened for yourself. Also just you you know I am tearing up at writing this]

  1. They swaped back
  2. They don't want to
  3. She trys to talk to Jim about the week
  4. Malfunction
  5. More options

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