Brother , no sister

Infinite AR - Episode 74194

Befor heading back in time Kati got the gender swap gun out and took it with her, to when jim was being born. Jim in the present saw that the time lines were being altered, suddenly Jim looked the wall with a family portrait. Something was off, he wasn't him, in place of him was a girl. He knows what this ment, he was now a she he went to his room. It was a girls room, the diploma on the wall said "Jaime" not Jim. Then he saw the efects change him, his body srunk and shortened, C-cup breasts came in his privets inverted, and his clothes changed into girls cloths. Back in the past Kati has a chouses while she is their while time is paused, to change more things about Jim , no Jamie.

  1. Go back
  2. Mess with mental devoment and relationship
  3. Mess with age
  4. Mess with physical body
  5. Mess with her own path

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Someone from sometown

10/18/2017 9:38:57 PM

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