Jim Lets Loose

Infinite AR - Episode 7413

Suddenly the infant Jim was in a true pickle. His annoying young sister suddenly sprouted up and definately outward, and was now standing in front of him bare naked. Her breasts had grown considerably into large hefty C cups which she cupped and slightly massaged contently. She cupped them into a tight cleavage and bent over to face her diminished older brother. "Awwww, is someone upset that his sister is bigger now? Omigosh look at that cute little package." She immediately reaches down and pinches it with two fingers for emphasis, shifting her right hand over her breasts, making them jiggle as she does this. All the while her mother suddenly gets up as if none of this had even happened. Katie's father left the room as well...the device must have magical properties of mind reading or something along those lines. Jim, now a plump little butterball (with a tiny lil pee-pee as his sister pointed out) starts to pee uncontrollably. His small almost shaftless penis shoots out a small parabolic stream of urine from his now adorable hairless body. "Wahhhhh gah gud mah nock stoap" Jim babbles to Katie who puts her hands over her mouth to hide her laughter. Jim feels incredibly helpless and infantile, not even able to control his own bowels, especially in front of his sister...supersized as she may be. Thankfully for Jim, the re-aging process that Katie went through started to add his lost years back into his body. His little body starts to grow longer and he is able to stand up on his own. "Oh shoot, just when I was getting used to the idea of you not being able to wipe your own ass, let alone bother me." Katie says in obvious disappointment. She stomps her foot, which sends a wonderful ripple of force that shimmies her beautiful womanly flesh. Jim continues to get older, right in front of his sister. His package adds some girth to it... "at least there's something there now" thinks a still distraught 10 year old Jim. Suddenly, his growth haults at 12 years old. His sister, like his parents merely puts her hands down at her sides and looks straight forward into the doorway. Completely nude still she walks out of the room and down the hallway...probably to go put on clothes, none ofcourse fit her in her room. He is off by at least 7 years as he judges his image in a full-length mirror. His smooth skin and baby face reflect the next few years bring forth much development to his presently small, immature body. He felt a definite shiver run down his spine when he got a load of his small little penis in the mirror. Usually, his manhood measured 6 and 1/3 inches. If he wanted to, he could go out and have great sex. If it hadn't been for his aging fetish which fueled his need for the remote control in the first place, he could go screw a horny Sharon right now. He almost gasps as he feels its smooth tiny head. He was a little kid again! "What the hell is going on here?!" whines a now 12 year old Jim, also completely nude. Thinking that a family member could walk by the door at any time, Jim covers his tiny, thin cock and his small hairless balls and starts to walk toward the door.

  1. Jim goes to his 16 year old sister's room, (she is oblivious to what just happened to them)
  2. Jim goes to his mother, (she is also oblivious, but somewhat delighted to see Jim like this)
  3. Jim goes to his room

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5/3/2007 3:22:38 AM

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