Teenage Birth

Infinite AR - Episode 7398

''I better go to the bathroom, unless I want to wake up the children'' Rachel thought while in pain.

Rachel got a small pair of scissors and goes to the girls bathroom quietly to deliver her baby. Heather saw this and decides to follow Rachel while remaining out of her sight. In the hallway, Rachel soon feels sharp labor pains, causing Rachel to yell from the pain. This caused Heather to reflexively use the ray gun while the light hit Rachel.

Heather continued to follow Rachel, while using the ray gun light to track Rachel. Rachael causing her to become younger while remaining nine months pregnant and in labor. Within a few minutes, Her hair soon turned into a long ponytail and height decreased by a few inches, making her look like high school age. The contractions kept coming more and more as time goes by.

''(beep)!, why now?!'' painted Rachel from the labor pains.

Rachel, then Heather soon entered to the girls empty restroom. Heather stopped using the toy gun at Rachel at that time and witness what is going to happen. Rachel got a bunch of paper towel put them on the floor, laid her body on them, took down her pants and panties and started to push harder than ever before.

''Gah! How much longer?!'' screamed the 14 year old Rachael.

Rachel kept pushing until she finally delivers a baby girl. Rachel then placed the newborn on the paper towels, delivered the placenta and cut the cord. The baby then suddenly cried like there is no tomorrow. Rachel then dumped the placenta, got new paper towels, put her baby girl on them and cleaned up the mess. Finally, Rachel picked up the baby girl and breast feeds her.

''Welcome to the world little Ashley'' said Rachel.

''So thats huw a buby es bure'' Heather thought with disgust and wonder.

  1. Heather goes back to her classroom
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