Baby Time For Samantha/Sharon

Infinite AR - Episode 7387

Baby Sam/Sharon or whatever he name is squats, grunting as she poops in her already wet diaper. Jim looks at this and laughs. "You literally haven't spoken yet in this story, and now you are pooping in a diaper, Samantha. I mean Sharon. No, let's stick with Sam 'cause it's easy to type out as it is only three letters long," laughs Jim, a name that also consists of only three letters.

After Sam finishes pooping in her diaper, Jim picks her up and...

  1. Drops her into a nearby diaper pail she just so happened to have lying around
  2. Brings her to the local daycare
  3. Straps her to a local wolf, allowing it to carry her away
  4. Puts her between to slices of bread; mmm, baby with a poopy diaper sandwich
  5. Tries to clean up her poopy mess with just his bare hands

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2/28/2017 8:25:16 PM

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