Story Restart: The Incredible Shrinking Mary Jane

Infinite AR - Episode 735

Mary Jane Parker sighed as she sat alone in her bedroom. She was about to get undressed and get some sleep and, as usual, her husband was nowhere to be found. This night, however, at least he wasn't risking his life as Spider-Man.

Peter Parker had accepted a photography assignment in Washington DC for the Daily Bugle and was to be out of New York for the next week. Mary Jane had begged him to leave his Spider-Man outfit behind while he was away and he had reluctantly agreed.

Or had he? She trusted Peter, but knew that sometimes he felt the need to lie to her for her own protection. But she found that even harder to bear. She moved towards the closet where his costume was supposed to be hidden in the back. Fumbling through clothes, the redheaded supermodel breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the costume hanging behind them.

She returned the costume to the rack, but just then a box above it fell to the ground, spilling its content on the floor. Two webshooters fell alongside several other objects to her feet and something silver rolled under the bed.

"Damn," she muttered as she gathered the items and returned them to the box. Peter tended to keep a lot of strange little devices in case they would come in handy later. She shuddered as she picked up the stake Peter kept for fighting Morbius and returned it to the box. Only her husband would actually need defense for a vampire attack.

Approaching the bed, Mary Jane kneeled down and reached for the silver object that had sliden underneath. Her hand pulled out a cylinder-shaped spray bottle about the size of an aerosol can. She looked down at it's label:


She knew that she shouldn't be playing with anything of Peter's, but he hadn't been an Avenger for years and curiousity wouldn't let her return the spray bottle without knowing what it was. She touched the top of the bottle and...

This Chapter appears courtesy of Way Yellow

  1. The World Got a Lot Bigger
  2. The World Got Slightly Bigger
  3. Peter Burst In At That Moment
  4. Something Else

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