All dolled up

Infinite AR - Episode 731

A pale blue light engulfed Natalie. Sam giggled as the figure of the 8-year-old disappeared. As Jim put the device away, the light dissipated. Natalie was certainly not the same girl who had walked in in denim capris and a white tank top. In place of that girl was what looked to be a plush doll. It was roughly half the size of the three year old Samantha, with brown yarn for the hair and glass balls that were remarkebly similar to the former girl's hazel eyes. The doll was dressed exactly how Natalie had been dressed, down to the undergarments, although the light tan cloth that was substituted for her skin hid a lot of the detail that had been on the girl.

Jim let Sam down and she ran over to the doll of her sister. She picked it up, squeezing it in her hands as she examined the face. 'You... you made her a doll?' Samantha could hardly mask her giddiness at the thought.

Jim smirked. 'Be careful, she can still see and hear you. She shouldnt' be able to feel anything, but be careful, I don't know if I can change her back if she rips.'

Sam smiled and threw the doll against a wall, giggling as the head bounced off on the ground, wondering what it looked like through Natalie's perspective.  im only smiled and sat down, watching the girl. He took the device out, looking over all the options. He had programmed a lot into it. There were several other options that still remained to be tried and he intended to do so. Sam, bring Natalie here for a moment.'

  1. Jim uses the device on Sam again
  2. Jim uses the device to change Natalie again
  3. Jim decides to take the girls out to the park to try the device on someone else

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