Infinite AR - Episode 73053

Jim's body led him through the department store, ignoring all the looks he was getting from people wondering why he had a nearly naked boy in toe. Jim himself, however, felt their gaze more keenly than anything he'd ever experienced. He'd never actually had that dream where he shows up at school naked, but now he thought he finally knew how that would feel.

"Hey," Jim said, "what are we doing here?"

Jim's body turned, a puzzled look on its face, "Getting you clothes. You can't run around naked."

"No, I know, but... you can do magic and shit-"

"Look, I don't care if you swear, but it's kinda weird from a kid, and we're getting looks as it is."

"Sorry. It's just, if you can turn someone into a little kid, why can't you turn this body back so the clothes'll fit?"

"That's the thing about magic. It's dangerous to layer up conflicting spells. If I cast an aging spell while the youth spell is still fresh, they might cancel each other out, or it might age your body without affecting it physically."

Jim nodded, scratched his head and gave up, "That makes no sense."

"Okay," his body said, kneeling down to his level, "so let's say that guy was twenty eight before I blasted him and put you in his body. Now imagine being twenty eight years old, but still having this body exactly like it is now."

Jim couldn't help but shiver at the thought. He'd heard of people like that, people who were unlikely ever to grow up properly, if ever at all. As much as he didn't want to be a kid again, he definitely didn't want to risk that kind of life.

"Well, what about magicing up some clothes?"


"You know, just cast a spell and poof, a new outfit."

"Magic doesn't work that way."

"Then how does it work?"

Jim's body opened its mouth for a second then stopped, "I'll explain later." he picked a few pairs of jeans off a shelf and handed them to Jim, "Let's find a dressing room and see which size fits you."

Jim took them gladly and followed his old body towards the dressing rooms. It was weird how everything seemed so much larger, and yet these jeans which were now proportionate to his new body still seemed so small to him. It was the little things though, like the belt loops, the seams, and the zipper that gave it away. The pockets were smaller, the waist was slimmer, and the legs were shorter, but those things stayed just the same no matter what.

"You've gone quiet. You run out of questions?"

Jim looked up at his old body as they walked, "Do you really think someone in my position would ever run out of questions?"

"Not really, no." He paused while Jim went into the dressing room, then once the slotted door closed between them he said, "Say, what's your name, anyway?"

"Oh, uh, it's Jim," he said from the other side, "or yours is, I guess, now that I'm someone else. What about you?"

"Well, like you said, it's apparently Jim for now, but before that I was called Eluvano."

"Christ, that's name's a mouthful."

"Where I come from, they all are." he said, "I guess you could call me Van for short."

"Soo... when do I get my body back?"

"When I've found the man who hired those goons and stick him in a nursery with a permanent age lock."

"And then I get my body back?"

Jim didn't see it, but Van shrugged when he said, "If you still want it, yes."

"What do you mean, if I still want it? I don't want to grow up all over again." He cursed under his breath as even these tiny jeans felt ready to slide right off him.

"You might change your mind about being a kid. You wouldn't be the first I've met. Hell, I could even put an age lock on you if you want it."

Jim dropped the pants he was about to try on. "You mean, like... be a kid... forever?"

"Yeah." Van said, "You interested?"

"Absolutely not!" Jim nearly shouted, "The sooner this is over, the better."

Van smiled to himself, "You wouldn't be the first one to come around. My sister's had a little guy for twenty years who spent the whole first week begging to change back before he suddenly asked to stay."

"Well don't count on it." Jim said.

"Just letting you know the option's still on the table."

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