Kaiti laughs at 4 year old Jim who pees himself

Infinite AR - Episode 7292

Kaity looked at her once tough and bigger than her big Brother Jim now reduced to a crying 4 year old who is peeing his pants. Kaity laughed and took out her phone and took pictures. Kaiti said, "Thank god you havent changed because I am going to photoshop this and send it out through the school hell the world. Jim the big bully now crying and pissing himself. God man or should I say baby man up." Jim didnt stop. Then Kaiti said, "Oh I just remember didnt mom do something to babies who pissed themeselves and or on the floor." Jim stopped and his eyes widened he said, "No no not that anything but that." Kaity said, "Oh yeha that time for

  1. Kaiti gives Jim a spanking.
  2. Kaiti humiliates Jim
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