Showing Off gets you in trouble

Infinite AR - Episode 7291

Katie grabbed her 4 year old brother by the hand and took him to see his mom in the kitchen. "Hey mom, remember when you were waxing nostalgic the other day about when we were younger?""Yes dear," her mother said absently as she tossed a salad and prepared dinner."Well, I took care of part of that for you.""You did? And just how pray tell did you manage that?""I turned Jim into a four year old again. Are those crescent rolls?" she asked, as she plopped the gun on the counter and grabbed one."Mom, she did this to me with that gun, ya gotta help me!" Jim whined."I can do that," she said picking up the gun and...

  1. making Jim older
  2. Making Katie younger
  3. making herself younger
  4. making Katie older
  5. SE

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8/23/2009 9:39:08 AM

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