Is it getting tighter

Infinite AR - Episode 72373

You decide to wish yourself back to your normal size. You begin to grow inside the bloated pamper filling the little space you had quickly. To your horror you realize this fing pamp not only has trapped you inside but is preventing you from growing back to normal size. The pendant ends up being crushed in your hands because of this. Magic leaks from the pendant and is absorbed by the diaper. You try and tear your way out of the diaper but because of how swollen it is, it just absorbs all the impact. Not to mention the tapes have gotten way more tight to try and accommodate it's new filling. " INSTA LOCK TAPES KEEP ALL YOUR MESSES TIED AWAY, AND SCREW OVER PEOPLE WHO ARE 4 INCHES TALL TRAPPED INSIDE", you muffled scream into your padded prison. Hoping that the magic the diaper absorbed made it the new pendant you try wishing again. "I WISH FOR THIS TO BE FIXED!!!" YOU BEG As the diaper begins to glow. The diaper didn't understand what fixed meant, it's only understanding of life was it contained certain non living things. A smile emoticon appeared as a design print on the diaper as it grants your wish . >X3 you scream into the diap as your body turns to mush. Your existence is extinguished with a SPLORT as the diaper crushes you from absorbing so much.

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8/23/2017 1:19:18 PM

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