under emmy's control

Infinite AR - Episode 69765

emmy held up a ancient pocket watch on a string. as corbin examined it emmy swung it back and forth corbin watch as the clock went back and forth back and forth. corbins face relaxened as his mind because hazzy. emmy spoke "hello! corbin are you their?" corbin said nothing "yipppy! it worked, or did it?" emmy pondered on what to make corbin do before get a random idea "corbin poop your self" no response emmy was about to trie again when she smelled something awful. she walked behind corbin and pulled back his jeans and undies to find to her amaze a mass of poop resting in his pants. emmy gaged from the stench and waked away from corbin now that corbin was full under her control she thought of what to first. first was to make corbin act like her. when ever corbin and emmy play anything corbin always gave little effer and tried to end the games as qickly as possible if corbin act like her then he would love playing more and they would have more fun. 2 idea was to make corbin a little behind in potty training. he had been fully potty-trained when he was 5 and never wet the bed since emmy on the other hand finally gotten potty-training last year and she still wore pullups to bed. it would be nice to feel even for once. final one was to make corbin act younger then her so she could feel like the big girl of the house emmy couldn't decided which one

  1. corbin now acts like emmy
  2. no more potty training for corbin
  3. corbin is less grown-up
  4. more options
  5. could some one add to this please

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6/2/2017 4:10:34 PM

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