Heather shows Stacey her toy gun

Infinite AR - Episode 6968

Heather sat next to Stacey on the bus. Both their legs did not even touched the floor and they playfully swung them.

"Stacey look what I have for 'Show and Tell' today", said Heather opening up her backpack.

"What is it?", asked Stacey.

"My toy ray gun", smiled Heather.

"Never seen one like that before", said Stacey curious of the toy ray gun. "Does it make any noise?"

"Just a small hum and lights up, want to see?"


Heather pulled the ray gun a little more out of the bag. The end of it was pointed at both her and Stacey.

"Watch as I pull it the trigger", said Heather.

Heather pulled the trigger and the gun lit up there was a tiny flash of light inside the barrel of the gun that Heather and Stacey saw. What they didn't notice was the fact that they were no longer 6 years old and in the 1st grade. By the time Heather had stopped pulling the trigger, both her and Stacey were 4 years old and ready for pre-school. Heather was now wearing training pants, because she had wet the bed this morning. Her pink sundress had a teddy bear on the front. Stacey wore some light blue shorts and a yellow shirt with a flower on the front. Heather training pants crinkled some as she moved her bottom.

"Cool, can I pway", asked Stacey.

"Not now, at scwool", said Heather.

The bus stopped at the Kelly Elementary School. Heather and Stacey hopped off their seats and followed the other kids off the bus. A teacher was waiting for them as they exited the bus.

"Heather, Stacey, your parents called and told me you were riding on the bus today.", said Miss Rachael York, the pre-school teacher. "Follow me to class".

Stacey and Heather each had a hold of one hand of the teacher. Rachael had to walk slowly for the two 4 year olds to keep up.

"Here you go, now put your bags in your cubby hole and you can go play", explained Rachael as she ushered them into the room.

Heather and Stacey tossed their backpacks into their cubby holes and ran to play with the other kids. They spent the morning playing until Rachael had them all sit down to learn their ABC's. Next they did finger painting, which Heather had loads of fun doing. They ate their lunch and all got settled down for their naps. During her nap, Heather had wet herself. She woke up and went to Rachael.

"Teacher me wet", said Heather sadly.

"Come here, I know you are still learning to be a big girl Heather, accidents happen.", smiled Rachael as she picked up Heather.

Rachael lifted Heather's dress and pulled off the wet training pants. She used of baby wipes to clean her up and put some baby powder on Heather before pulling up a fresh pair of training pants.

"There now all clean and fresh"

"Thanks Miss wachael", smiled Heather.

"You can go play quietly so not to wake up the others, okay"


Heather wanted to play with her gun again and went to her bag. She pulled it out. It seemed bigger than before for some reason, it was not bigger just she was just smaller. She sat down in one of the corners and pointed the gun around playfully. It went off a few times. A girl napping was hit once and turned back into a 3 year old. A boy was hit twice and now was only wearing a diaper and sucking his thumb, now 2 years old. Heather spotted Ashley, the girl who pulled her hair the day before. She pointed the gun at her and held down the triggger.

"You bad", thought Heather.

Ashley grew younger and younger. Her clothes changed to match her age as she became younger. When she hit 2 years of age, she was only wearing a diaper. But it did not stop there, Ashley grew even younger. Suddenly Ashley vanished and there was only a empty spot where she was. Heather was wondering why she was aiming at nothing. Heather heard a moan from Rachael and turned to look. Rachael was holding onto her now pregnant belly and moaning from a kick to her ribs.

"Miss wachael is having a baby", thought Heather.

  1. Heather targets Stacey next
  2. Heather randomly hits other children
  3. Heather points at Rachael
  4. Heather accidently hits herself
  5. SE

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