Infinite AR - Episode 695

Jim felt a fear grip his heart. These children weren't what they seemed to be, or at least they were a force to be reckoned with. He didn't want to stick around to meet this so called 'Mistress', regardless of whether it was his sister or not.

So, when the kid with his gun looked away for a split second, Jim bolted, running away as fast his his youthful legs could carry him. He didn't stop and didn't turn, even as he heard the others yelling and giving chase, a new female and authoritative voice among them. He kept going and going, away from his house, down the street endlessly until he was beyond exhausted, sure he couldn't have been followed. This 'Mistress' was likely an adult who could move faster than him, but he'd somehow given her and her posse the slip.

Just to be sure, though, Jim decided he needed a place to hide, and where he'd found himself was perfect: The Mall.

He hadn't noticed he'd ran in this direction until now, but taking that in, he drew in a deep breath and stepped through the doors. This would be the perfect place of sanctuary among all the shops and people, until he could find a way to fix all of this.

  1. Jim hid in a store.
  2. Jim hid in the mall toilets.
  3. Jim hid in the mall's movie theater,
  4. Jim didn't get a chance to hide, as he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a familiar female voice behind him.
  5. Something else.

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