No Realism and No Plot

Infinite AR - Episode 68761

Equally as this is a site of completely unreal ideas, it is also not a novel writing site. Very few if any of the stories written here have any plot at all, because that is not what these stories are about. Just because you do not like the fetish does not mean that you should come in and call it bad writing when you would be completely fine with seeing a poorly written story of your own fetish.

Just as this is a site without realism, it is a site without story. Age regression is fake, hypno-rays and magic are fake, all these characters and what they do are fake, and the idea that most people would ever do these fetishes is also fake. Fantasy and adventure is the name of the game here. This is not a novel writing site where people read two-hundred pages of filler in between every good part. It is just full of good parts so people do not have to waist there time on characters that they are not interested in and do not want to be interested in. It is not about the characters, it is about the fetish.

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