Gateway Stores

Infinite AR - Episode 68388

Jim frowned. He had never heard of 'Gateway Stores' before, and was curious as to how it had apparently bought out and replaced his place of work overnight without his knowledge. So, stepping inside, he set about trying to find out.

"Greetings inhabitant of Timeline AR-68388. How can I help you?" a voice said from somewhere off to Jim's side. Glancing over, he saw an attractive young woman in a blue store uniform standing behind a counter, waving him over.

"Erm..." he walked over, not sure what to say for a brief moment, "I'm going to be blunt because i'm really confused. What is this place and why has it replaced my work?"

"Oh, this is Gateway Stores." the woman, who now that he got a closer look, Jim realized actually looked a little like him. Actually, screw that; he'd once taken a weird online photo survey to determine how he would have looked if he'd been born a woman, and she was very much of that look, "It's kind of a... um," the woman looked for the right words, "Well, I suppose you could call it a nexus point between timelines."

"So you're..." Jim's eyes widened in realization.

"...another version of you, yes." the woman grinned, gesturing to her nametag, which read 'Jamie', "And don't worry about your workplace. It's just... displaced. Once we leave it'll return, and no-one will know anything was ever different."

"Then how can I..." Jim began to ask again, but his alternate self seemed to preempt his train of thought.

"...know we're here?" Jamie shrugged, "Something about my working here, I think."

"Then how did you come to work here?"

"Funny story, actually-" Jamie started, before a sudden bell sound cut her off, "...damn, that's the end of my counter shift. I'll be working in the back now." she frowned briefly, but then began smiling again, "Tell you what. If you're willing to follow me along., i'll tell you everything you want to know, rather than leaving it to the next counter clerk. How does that sound?"

  1. Jim agreed.
  2. Jim disagreed.
  3. Jim decided he'd prefer to just leave. All of this was hurting his head.
  4. Something else.

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